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Software for blind and partially-sighted people of all ages and abilities

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What are the computer requirements?
The programmes will all run on an entry-level PC and work with all versions of Microsoft Windows dating back from Windows 2000 through to Windows 10. In other words, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10.

What if I use a screen reader?
Just turn your screen reader off or silence it, otherwise you'll have two voices talking.

Products Supplied by Electronic Download

I've just bought an activation code, so where is it?
The integration with PayPal isn't perfect yet, but we are hoping to improve it soon. After check out, if you click on "Return to Merchant" our system will register the payment and automatically issue a code, which it displays on the page, as well as send it to you by email.
If you don't click on "Return to Merchant" I will receive a PayPal notification by email and set up the code manually, but I can only do this when I periodically check my emails, so there will be an inevitable delay (ie a couple of hours) in this case.

Products Supplied on CD

Do I have to run the programmes off the CD - will they run off my hard drive?
The programmes run from the CD as a matter of convenience. You can copy them to your hard drive if you wish. There is no restriction.

What happens if I break a CD or it goes faulty?
Just send it back and Azabat will replace it free of charge, regardless of how the damage was caused.

Can I upgrade to the Electronic Download version free of charge?
Yes, just send your old CD back to Azabat and we'll issue you with the appropriate Activation Codes.

Computer Games

Do the games have instructions?
Yes, all the games have instructions. Just press function key F1 and the instructions will be read out.

Do the games have a display?
Yes, the games all appear on the screen. This means, for example, that some of the games can be played co-operatively, particularly the word games of volume 2. There are many cases where blind people play the games with their sighted grandchildren.

Can I play the games against a sighted opponent?
Volumes 3 and 4 feature games that can be played competitively by two people. These games are Battleships, Memory, Backgammon, Dominoes, Draughts and Scrazabat. They were all designed so that a sighted opponent should have no advantage.

Are the games suitable for all ages?
Yes, from reception age (around 5) upwards (the oldest I know of is 90). There is a volume of Educational Games which was aimed at Key Stages 1 & 2.

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