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Talking Crosswords

We currently have 3 different volumes of crossword puzzles, each volume containing 70 puzzles. You can download them from the links below and each programme will run in demonstration mode, allowing you to access and complete the first two puzzles of each volume. If you enjoy the puzzles, you can purchase an activation code which will allow you to access all 70 puzzles.

Volume 1

70 puzzles, compiled by Shaun Auty

Crosswords Volume 1

Download: crosswords1.exe
(1.4 Mb) - Don't forget to "Save as"

Volume 2

70 "quick" puzzles from
The Guardian

Crosswords Volume 2

Download: crosswords2.exe
(1.4 Mb) - Don't forget to "Save as"

Volume 3

70 "quick" puzzles from
The Daily Telegraph

Crosswords Volume 3

Download: crosswords3.exe
(1.4 Mb) - Don't forget to "Save as"

Download the user manual: Azabat Crosswords Manual.pdf

Buy activation codes

Activation codes for Azabat Crosswords cost £ 20 each, or take advantage of our 3 for 2 Special Offer and buy 3 codes for £ 40. The codes are generic and can be used to activate any volume of Azabat Crosswords. There is no expiry date.

Important note: To avoid delay, after check out please remember to click on "Return to Merchant" and our system will register the payment and automatically issue a code, which will be displayed on the screen and sent to you by email. If you don't click on "Return to Merchant" there will be an inevitable delay (perhaps up to a few hours), as I will only see the PayPal notification when I check my emails and I then have to set up the code manually.

Buy 1 Code for £ 20

Azabat Crosswords, 1 activation code for 20 pounds

Buy 3 Codes for £ 40

Azabat Crosswords, 3 activation codes for 40 pounds

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