Azabat Games Collection: Volume 7


A collection of 4 Solitaire Card Games.

Golf Solitaire

Uses one pack of cards. 30 cards are dealt, face up, into 6 columns. The remaining 22 cards are kept face down in the stock. The top card of the stock is turned over and become the foundation. One card at a time can be moved from the columns onto the foundation provided that it is either one rank greater or one rank less than the foundation card. If no cards can be moved, turn the next card over from the stock. The aim, therefore, is to clear all the columns before exhausting the stock. A very easy game to play that requires a mixture of skill and luck.

Azabat Games Golf Solitaire Screenshot


Uses one pack of cards, dealt face up into 8 columns. Cards can be moved between columns, provided they alternate in colour and arranged in descending order, or single columns may be moved to vacant Freecells. There are 4 foundations (one per suit), which are built from Ace through to King. The aim, of course, is to clear the board by moving all the cards to the foundations.

Azabat Games Freecell Screenshot

Spider Solitaire

The classic game of Spider Solitaire, which is played with 2 decks of cards and features 3 levels of difficulty. In level 1 (easy), there is just one suit, in level 2 (medium) there are 2 suits, and in level 3 (hard) there are 4 suits. Full instructions are included, as well as hints.

Azabat Games Spider Solitaire Screenshot

Easy Spider

Not quite ready for Spider Solitaire? Try Easy Spider, a single deck version that is played on the same principle as Spider Solitaire. As the name suggest, it is much easier - mainly because there are fewer cards and so much less to remember and fewer possibilities to calculate.

Azabat Games Easy Spider Screenshot

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