Azabat Talking Typing Tutor for Beginners
Version 2.0


Version 2.0 has been completely rewritten and updated, while retaining the character and simplicity of the original best-selling programme. The main changes are:

Activation Code: £30

  • Choose your voice
    The programme now uses SAPI voices. Depending on the version of Windows, your computer should already have several high quality voices to choose from, and there are literally hundreds of other voices available. Manufacturers include Ivona, Nuance, Acapela, Neospeech and Cepstral. My personal recommendation for well-priced, locally produced SAPI voices is Cereproc.

  • Electronic Software Download (ESD)
    No more CDs in the post - the programme is available as an electronic download. It is a small, self-contained, executable file so installation couldn't be any easier. No complicated setups and installers here - simply run the file from wherever it is, which could be your hard drive or a removeable USB drive (Memory Stick, Pen Drive, USB Stick, Flash Drive or whatever terminology you wish to use).

  • Demonstration Mode
    Once you've downloaded the software it will run in demonstration mode, so you can decide whether it will be suitable. Obviously, some of the features are restricted in demonstration mode. So, for example, you can start the lessons and exercises but not complete them. However, there is no time limit with the programme, so you can try every lesson and exercise, and access most of the other features, as often as you wish.

  • Activation
    If you like the programme (as I'm sure you will) you can buy an activation code for it. Our ESD system uses an online activation system, in which you simply re-type the 8 digit activation code. Manual activation is also available for customers who do not have internet access.

  • Software Lock
    For copyright protection, once you've activated the software it will be locked to the drive on which it resides. THIS IS EITHER YOUR HARD DRIVE OR A REMOVEABLE USB DRIVE. If you activate it from your hard drive the programme will run from that computer only. If you activate it from a USB drive, you can use it on other computers but the programme will only run from that drive.

    Screenshots and description
    Learn to touch type, practice your typing skills and improve your speed and accuracy with our Talking Touch-Typing Tutor, designed for blind and visually impaired beginners.


    You start by creating a new user name, choosing an existing user name, or just skipping it completely. The user name is simply used to save your results - so that they don't get mixed up with someone else's results. You can have as many user names as you wish and the results are saved in plain text format either on your hard drive or removeable USB drive. If there's only one person using the Typing Tutor you can skip this step. This feature is disabled in Demonstration Mode.


    This is the hub of the programme. From here you can get extensive help and information, explore the keyboard, check your progress and change your voice settings.

    The actual Typing Tutorial is divided into 8 lessons, in which you type letters (or digits), and 8 corresponding exercises, in which you type words (or numbers). Lesson 1 starts with the first 4 letters of the left hand and, by exercise 6, you are typing with all 26 letters. Examples screenshots are shown below.

    Lesson 1 Exercise 6
    Lesson 8 Exercise 8

    Information is kept for all completed lessons and exercises, and is displayed in graphical form for the current user. From this information, your overall typing speed is estimated.

    In Demonstration Mode you cannot actually complete any lessons or exercises so this feature generates random data to show how the screen may appear.

    Settings Online Activation


    Download the software:

    AzabatTypingTutor1.exe v2.0 (520 Kb)


    Azabat Talking Typing Tutor for Beginners

    Activation Code £ 30

    Please contact for information
    on our multi-user licensing and reseller discounts.

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